Recent Home Re-pipe Jobs
Pat Thompson(714) 962-2511Charwood Ln, Huntington Beach, Ca.
Jeannette Douglas                          Sunburst Lane, Huntington Beach
Rose GreenField        (714) 487-2368La Paloma, Fountain Valley
Tony Gioia      (714) 396-9969Nightingale, Fountain Valley
Scott Austin    (714) 981-9720         Fullerton
Dave Clouse   (714) 843-6121Fountain Valley

Local Notable Projects   (Completed & Under Construction)
Superior Grocery Stores  10 stores (complete new plumbing systems) Orange, LA, San Bernardino Counties
Fort MacArthur (San Pedro)      Repipe/Remodel Community Center
Toyota TABC (Long Beach)        Process piping for plant operations
Plaza Almeria                             42 residences, Retail center ( Downtown Huntington Beach )
Central Park Estates                   110 homes  (cross street Ellis and Edwards) Huntington Beach
Faire Marin                                84 custom homes (Huntington Harbor)
Huntington Beach Fire Stations   2 locations on Gothard (Original plumbing systems and recent gas re-pipe)
Huntington City Gym                 Palm St.  (recent re-pipe of underground gas system)
Image Center                            Center Drive (Surgery Center)

Jobs Under Construction
Bruce Roland          (714) 272-7832    Custom Home  (1019 12 St., H.B.)
Dave Oddo             (714) 883-6336    Custom Homes, qty. 4 on going (1118, 1120 Deleware, 403 Crest, 521 11th St.
John Bibb               (714) 396-5894    2 Homes (Newport Beach)

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